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Prayers from the Valley

When Katarina, a young girl from the Kanawha Valley in West Virginia takes ill with an extremely rare syndrome caused by COVID-19, her father is thrust into one of the hardest times of his life. Not only is he dealing with the fact that his daughter is fighting for her life, but God himself seems to be attempting to teach him something through all of this, trying to help him to understand what it means to truly love and to allow God to be in control, even if that means someone you love could be lost forever.

This true story gives a glimpse into the heart of a struggling Christian father, who has hardened his heart and mind. Desperately Michl is trying to deal with the illness his child is facing, continue to support and love the rest of his family, and also face the trials that God is giving him through all of it. Overall, Prayers from the Valley is a book of faith, healing, and redemption in the face of true sorrow.

Men of Valor: Leading Men of Christian Honor

A book to help men get serious about their spiritual walk with God. For years, the men of the Church have sat quietly by and watched as society fell further and further into darkness. In this book, Michl works to empower men to stand up and be changed in their relationship with Jesus. Christian masculinity needs a resurgence and through careful adherence to Christ-centered living, men can regain that which has been lost. It’s time for men to take back the mantle of a servant-leader in their homes, work, and leisure time.

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Justin Hart Crary

Justin Hart Crary is an author of YA Christian fantasy and supernatural fiction. Born and raised in West Virginia, he developed a passion for his faith as well as “all things nerd” at a young age. After traveling the country, he returned to his home state to teach and earn his M.A. in English.

In response to a lack of contemporary Christian literature appealing to young adults, one of Justin’s goals is to create fast-paced, interesting narratives that demonstrate how stories within the genre can be more than what people have come to expect. He seeks to tell tales with a unique, action-oriented writing style designed to resonate with today’s readers. And give them something different.

When he’s not writing or teaching his incredible students, Justin enjoys training in martial arts, ministering to his community, and spending time with his beautiful wife.

You can connect with him on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @justinhartcrary or by visiting his website below. He’d love to hear from you!


From Christian author Justin Hart Crary comes a smart, humorous, action-packed adventure full of hope, love, faith, and sacrifice.

Kael Clark is a seventeen-year-old foster kid from Nebraska with the exceedingly rare condition of having a heterochromatic purple eye. He’s also a King gifted with the power to manipulate reality with his words, though he doesn’t usually bring that last part up in conversations.

You might think that, like most teenagers with superpowers, Kael would use his for good. But Nebraska’s juvenile courts would have to disagree. After stealing the car of an old Chinese man named Shen in a small town called Kearney, and then being fostered by him, Kael learns his new guardian is actually a real-life angel bent on training him for much greater things than grand theft auto.

There are only two problems… Kael doesn’t believe in angels. And he doesn’t want to be meant for anything great.

Now attending Kearney High School for the first time, Kael has to choose between trusting this old man who’s obsessed with making movie references (and talking to his pet black cat Thackery) or running away from his destiny like he always has before. However, after meeting a girl named Laney Lessenger and realizing things with Kearney’s townspeople may not be what they seem, he finds himself in the middle of a battle for not just his life but the lives of everyone in town—with Laney right at the center of all of it.

Archangel is the first novel from the mind and pen of Justin Hart Crary and promises to be an entertaining and thrilling adventure.