Who is D. Michl Lowe?

Michl has been writing for years. In middle school, he wrote his first short story entitled Mist of the Mountain, which was later “published” in a book for his classmates. In 2015 he took on his first true writing project in which he wrote a slightly historical memoir of his mother’s life entitled Crescent Road. However, this has never been published for readers outside of his own family. His first book that was written for the public was Christian Chivalry, which in 2019 was revamped into a devotional entitled Men of Valor. For several years now, he has also been writing his memoirs in which (as he describes it) he is attempting to write down every memory he has in his head. He has also written a book about his daughter and an illness she contracted when she was eleven. The book is called Prayers from the Valley.

When he isn’t writing, Michl is a fan of video games and books. Many of the friends he has made over the years online he has never met in real life but does consider them some of the best people he has known. He also enjoys classic Godzilla movies and watches them with the horrible English dubs turned on. He finds it humorous that the words don’t match the characters’ mouths and for much longer than he cares to admit, believed that Japan had made giant robots of Godzilla and smashed their real cities with them to make the movies.

Michl is married to his wife Alicia, and she is the love of his life. They met on the first day of college when she looked up at him and thought, “Wow! He’s tall.” They have been best friends ever since. They enjoy being alone together, she reads a book and he often plays a hand-held videogame. Michl and Alicia have three amazing children ­– Katarina, Ellianna, and Nikolai.  They live in the Kanawha Valley of West Virginia near Charleston. He desires that his writings will entertain, inspire, and challenge readers into looking at who they are and who they could be.

Michl is involved in his local church and has worked with the teens, men’s groups, and the security team. He considers himself a devout Christian and works to follow Christ’s leading in all areas of his life. Michl holds an M.A. in Community and School Counseling from Marshall University and a B.A. in Psychology from Mount Vernon Nazarene University. He is currently a School Counselor working in his local community. He writes during his summers off and when he has time.